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    Review 1

    The Brave Old World of New Music

    Pop music has long been known to chase its own tail. As the Internet shrinks this referential loop, what flecks of new music are spinning out of it? ...

    By Alex Almario
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    Review 0

    Weak State, Strong Tulfo

    “Sumbong programming” makes a courtroom out of a radio booth. How much closer can a DJ vigilante bring us to justice than the law? Wanted sa Radyo A ...

    By Leloy Claudio
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    Essay 1

    Letting ‘Puso’ into My Heart

    The public claims Smart Gilas won games through “puso.” Does reducing basketball to narratives of character shortchange our understanding the game?   Last August, the undersized Gilas Pilipinas ...

    By Job de Leon
  • luis
    Essay 2

    Fighting Corruption through Patronage?

    Ironically, President Aquino is fighting corruption through the tools that lead to corruption. A necessary concession to the evils of Philippine politics, or the betrayal of reformist principles? ...

    By Nathan Gilbert Quimpo
  • Querida
    Review 1

    Loving the Beloved

    The querida creates a conundrum for the feminist critic. Does she represent the liberation of women fromsexual norms, or does she merely affirm the power of philandering men? ...

    By Sylvia Estrada Claudio
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    Essay 1

    Surface Tensions: Urban Graffiti and the Image of the Philippine City

    What happens when the state tries to co-opt the radical potential of street art?   The urban space of Metropolitan Manila is occupied by images that compete for ...

    By Katrina Macapagal
  • ramos-mangobride
    Review 4

    All in the Family: Maids, Migrants, and ‘Mango Brides’

    Family, social class, migration—is it always greener on the other side? A breakdown of the novel The Mango Bride  (Illustration by Monica Ramos) The Mango Bride By Marivi ...

    By Janus Isaac V. Nolasco
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    Review 0

    Oh Mao…Where Art Thou?

    Leftists like to reflect on history, theory, and the future of Marxism. But theorizing radical ideas in today’s Philippines may prove difficult. Marxism in the Philippines: Continuing Engagements ...

    By Patricio N. Abinales
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    Essay 3

    Pinoy Filmfests Circa 2013

    The founding director of the University of the Philippines Film Institute talks about the local film industry and the absurd conditions that have given it recognition This year ...

    By Joel David
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    Book Bound: Getting it Published

    In a special as-told-to for The Manila Review, Karina Bolasco, the head Anvil Publishing, tells us how the local publishing giant, Anvil Books, came to publish the books ...

    By Karina Bolasco
  • shibe-meme-art
    #homework 1

    Hear, Here, for the Beer

    #Homework is a special section by Planting Rice in collaboration with The Manila Review 2013. Was it the best of times or the worst of times for art ...

    By Lena Cobangbang
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    Essay 2

    Criticism is Hard Work: a retrospective artist’s statement

    Angelo Suarez and Costantino Zicarelli made streetchildren wrestle for an art show in the Cultural Center. Too much? Suarez revisists the controversy. 1. Concept Authored by myself & ...

    By Angelo V. Suarez
  • stop-im-one-of-you-pig
    Essay 17

    Philippine Development, Good Governance, and the Pork Scandal in Context

    The pork barrel scandal is just the  latest epiosde in the perpetual struggle for good governance in the Philippines. Cesar Polvorosa, Jr. takes the longview. The rise of ...

    By Cesar Polvorosa, Jr.
  • ang-nawawala-still-3-big
    Essay 0

    What isn’t in What Isn’t There

    Alice Sarmiento responds to Mara Coson’s MR essay on Ang Nawawala–a film that continues to provide fodder for class analysis.   Personal narratives create an opportunity to spend ...

    By Alice Sarmiento
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    Essay 9

    Palestinian Holocaust on a Silent Screen: Anger, Rage, and Despondency in the Poem “We Teach Life, Sir”

    Rafeef Ziadah’s poem “We Teach Life, Sir,” argues Jason Lamchek, is more than “another indictment of the Israeli attacks on Palestinians in Gaza,” but also a tale of ...

    By Jayson S. Lamchek