Sidd Perez

Sidd Perez and Lian Ladia of Planting Rice by Shaira Luna 620x413 1

From issue four onwards, The Manila Review and Planting Rice will team up for a new section called #homework. But first, an introduction

Planting Rice is an alternative platform aimed at fostering the rise of cross-pollination among artistic communities. It distributes information on vital exhibitions, events, places and influences by art professionals in Southeast Asia, Australia, the United States and Europe who maintain networks and crossovers in the Philippines. This website generates a resource of writings on current discussions and collaborations that are developing beyond available publications or mainstream spaces. Additionally, it recovers an archive relevant to the present climate of cultural interchanges in contemporary art.

Planting Rice

Planting Rice is proud to present the debut of three new offsite programs this year #studiovisit, #OFFSHOOT, #homework, and #ArtHopManila.

#studiovisit offers an intimate opportunity to engage with contemporary art practices within local artists’ personal or self-regulated environments. These spaces are where they work and reveal their perspectives as we get to know their processes and other behind-the-scenes elements. As an alternative event to an exhibition opening, #studiovisit recognizes that creative work is real work.

Planting Rice Talk

#homework is a public address programmed by Planting Rice that invites professionals from the art community in the Philippines to discuss the current terrain of contemporary art. It’s a writing series that will articulate present parallelisms and incongruences between theory and practice. #homework is in collaboration with The Manila Review.

#ArtHopManila is a printed visual guide through six trails of art galleries, institutions and other places of interest in Metro Manila put together by Planting Rice, Lena Cobangbang, and Electrolychee.

#OFFSHOOT is a program centered on guerrilla events and happenings, in continuation of Planting Rice’s intent in pursuing the idea of repotentializing spaces and acknowledging that art production goes beyond the four walls of a gallery space.

To find out more about Planting Rice, go to www.plantingrice.com or email at editors@plantingrice.com