Editorial Note — Issue 4

Nicole Curato

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We know we have a lot of work to do when our editor-in-chief suddenly invokes Hayek and begins talking about market forces in our editorial meeting.

The creative process behind the publication of The Manila Review’s fourth issue has been an interesting one. More than a year after our launch, we have learned to set reasonable timetables for a quarterly publication run by editors holding multiple day jobs. Through our design team, we have developed relationships with exceptional young artists whose works have graced the pages of our publication. And, through our readers’ feedback, we have been challenged to be consistent in assembling a thoughtful lineup of pieces that lives up to MR’s goal of mapping ideas that shape discussions in public life.

This year, we hope to further strengthen our online presence and improve our dissemination network so the publication reaches audiences interested with the work we do and give uninterested parties the option to ignore us.

Which brings us back to market forces. We remain faithful to The Manila Review’s character as a community project funded through crowd sourcing, independent sponsors, and small margins from the sales of our limited print run. We have begun debating our “sustainability model” just as any serious publication should.

On our fourth issue, we are confronted with difficult realities of publishing in a market-driven society. However, we also recognize that there is space to imagine and create a counter-narrative of meaningful publication in a saturated media environment.

This will be a long debate—one that will keep going perhaps as long as the editorial team still likes each other.

Nicole Curato
Associate Editor

Art by Alex Diaz


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Our EIC Leloy Claudio at the launch of Issue 4.